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Use the Sacramento County API.

The API allows direct access to the data published in the Sacramento County Open Data site from your applications. It uses a RESTful interface and returns the data in JSON format.

Data Views invoked through the API provide online and standardized access to data contained in HTML pages, XLS, CSV and other similar file types available on Internet.

Get an Auth Key!

The API requires a key to operate.


Get one and access to any resource through it.

Jump right into the API resource documentation to get in touch with the requests and methods you can use.

Create a Request

The API accepts RESTful requests.


A typical request will look like this:

A few things to note in the request above:

This is an invoke request, that will return a json response. The entire resources descriptions are available in the API resource documentation.

This is the GUID of the data stream you are accessing. You will always find this GUID in the Data Stream Details page, making a data stream search through the API, or in many other places.

This is the key from step 1. You'll need it for every request.

Process your response


Your response will be returned as JSON. You can also obtain the response in XML, CSV and HTML..

To understand the format of the result field, read the API resource documentation.

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